Baking with toddlers – Rock cakes

Today is  a delightful day….if you are a duck. On rainy days I can find it hard to entertain 3 excitable toddlers, but the mere mention of the word “cake” gets them fired up and ready for a baking session. I haven’t had rock cakes in years so I thought I’d give it a whirl, this recipe is so simple and made 8 delicious rock cakes.

I’m not going to lie to you, it’s going to get messy so deep breathes and remember that you will be able to sit with a cup of tea and a yummy rock cake at the end of it!

I used this recipe from

As I was prepping this on my own, it made the process a little tricky (and sticky) to photograph! We have one bowl and a set of scales to work with between us, I get each child to add an ingredient and stir/mush the mixture. They enjoy getting messy and eating dropped raisins while learning about measures, textures and turn taking.

rock cake recipe

While the cakes are doing their thing, get your little “helpers” to tidy up because toddlers love jobs (even though the results usually end up in more work for you). I gave mine the hoover and a cloth for the table.

helping to clean

Once the cakes are ready, get the kettle on and enjoy!

Easy baking with toddlers - rock cakes

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