Lunch ideas that aren’t sandwiches!

lunch ideas

A while ago I found myself stuck in a sandwich rut, but since then I have compiled a list of lunch ideas that we love and all without a sandwich in sight.

1) Eggy pittas – scrambled egg mixed with grated cheese & chopped red pepper/tomato stuffed into a wholemeal pitta bread with cucumber on the side.

2) Mini roast (without the meat) – Yorkshire pudding, stuffed with steamed carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and drizzled with gravy. I make my own yorkies using this recipe.

3) Yummy – cheese & sweetcorn scones – recipe here.

4) Warm sliced wholemeal pitta bread – team with humus cucumber and carrot sticks.

5) Simple pasta – you can’t beat pasta and tomato sauce with a little sprinkle of cheese on top.

6) A classic – Cheese on toast. I like to add some pickle or Marmite below the cheese and a dash of worcestershire sauce on top.

7) Jacket potato – with cheese & beans / tuna & mayo / chilli con carne.

8) Tortilla wraps – stuffed with tuna mayo & cucumber / ham and cheese / chicken and pepper.

9) Crumpets – I love mine with real butter, but the boys will eat them with everything from cheese to jam.

10) Pancakes – with fresh strawberries, bananas etc. or they also taste great with cheese and tomato!

12) Mini homemade pizzas – get the children to help make them and add their favourite toppings. ‘The comfort of cooking’ blog has a good recipe.

13) Left over quiche – just add a handful of salad. I use this recipe.



Do you have any non-sandwich lunch ideas I could add to the list? I’d love to hear them!

5 thoughts on “Lunch ideas that aren’t sandwiches!

  1. Sandwiches really are a bore aren’t they!
    We use leftovers a lot for lunches, usually adding a little something extra to stretch it out a bit!
    One thing my girls love making is quesadillas. it is basically a cheese toastie using tortilla wraps. you can add anything to them tuna, ham, chicken, sweetcorn etc. although they taste best made in a frying pan (with a little melted butter in the pan) we are usually making them en masse (as are you I expect!) so I’ll make a load and pile them up, wrap in foil and put in the oven to warm up and melt the cheese.
    Thanks for linking up with #multiplemadness x


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