The nappies are off!

We’ve been muddling our way through this potty training malarkey for a while now and apart from when they would accidentally get wee all over friends carpets with their poor aim (sorry friends!) it’s been fairly painless.

They do tend to threaten me with “I need a Poo NOW!” Just as we’re rushing out of the door for an appointment or just as we’re in the middle of a shopping centre, but I’m getting better at locating the nearest toilet where they will inevitably scream the place down (they don’t like public toilets…I don’t blame them).

Just this week they have decided to stop nappies at bedtime too, we did O first, then H and finally L all within a week of each other. I have a few spare sheets, but not enough for more than one round of accidents between them so unless they wanted to sleep on hay I just had to hope they’d use their potties…

Before going to bed ourselves we lifted each one and put them on the potty then kept our fingers crossed for the rest of the night.

“SUNSHINE UP MUMMY & DADDY!” – referring to their GroClock (quite possibly the most useful thing we own!)

We walk in tentatively to assess the damage, but….SUCCESS!! No wet pyjama bottoms!

I thought night times would be tricky, but they were adamant that they were ready (swinging nappies above heads and stripping off at every opportunity) so you can’t argue with that! Even though they were still waking with wet nappies we knew they were ready to sleep without one as they kept insisting on going to the toilet before bed.

I would like to think that the savings on nappies will be significant, however I fear that maybe my cleaning product bill will compensate for any saving we might have had.

We’ve survived and achieved a big milestone 🙂 I’m quite proud of us all! Now, just to conquer the public toilet fear…

Do you have any potty training tips to share?

2 thoughts on “The nappies are off!

  1. Now that is quite an achievement! Potty training has been the bane of my life on five occasions but I can’t imagine doing three at once haha! Kudos, what a milestone – well done all!


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