Toddler Wrestling! Is it a boy thing?

Having grown up with a sister, we didn’t “do” wrestling (we just squabbled) so this whole physical “rough house” behaviour is rather alien to me! They stand in front of each other and asked to be shoved, pulled, tripped over and stood on and it’s all good fun until it gets a bit slappy or a wall/door/chair/tv stand gets involved.


We have already visited A&E once with a split head due to a wrestling move gone wrong, but this does not deter them. At 8am this morning they were charging up and down the living room, bumping into each other (and walls) and they think it’s hilarious! The more they fall over the funnier it is. WHHHHY?????!

I am rather disadvantaged as a girl growing up with a girl and going to an all girl’s school. I understand that they have to do it (nature and all that), but I just don’t get it!

Generally my solution to this is to boot them in the garden to burn it off, plus there’s fewer things to bump into out there. I found myself begging nursery to wear them out when I dropped them off this morning…here’s hoping for a less stressful afternoon!

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7 thoughts on “Toddler Wrestling! Is it a boy thing?

  1. Awww we had a trip to the ER too before when my son got a deep and bloody cut on the face. Then one time he is playing rough with his Dad. he fell flat on his face and his nose touch the ground first so its so red for a whole month. And this doesn’t stop them from playing rough again. And my son is not playing with other kids but his Dad. I think its a male thing to play rough. I don’t get it either and I get nervous watching them.



  2. Boys are naturally more physical and need to burn off lots of energy I reckon, although I was so active, mentally and physically as a child, still am and I think lots of girls need to burn that energy off too. I hope there aren’t too many accidents. Your boys are so utterly beautiful by the way, you are such a lucky mum to have three gorgeous little guys in your life. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

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