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A week in the life of a triplet mummy – Day 7 – Sunday

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the delay in writing this piece. All three of my little monsters have come down with bronchiolitis 😦 Oscar spent 4 nights in hospital and just as he was released (on Monday) Lucas was admitted for a further 2 nights so it’s been a bit of a nightmare. I’ll write more about that in a later post though.

So, Sunday!

After having a lovely lie in John and I venture downstairs to bath the babies. They are usually bathed on a Tuesday when the health visitor comes and I have Sophie with me to help, but John felt like he was missing out so we decided to wait until the weekend so that he could help instead. I popped a Disney film on (The Aristocats) and got everything ready.

Boys wiggling on their new play mat

Everyone seems to say how important nappy free time is and how much babies love it…well I don’t know who’s babies they have been observing, but it sure isn’t mine! They hate it. In the 10 minutes that we let them wiggle their bare bums, screaming their heads off, we mopped up a total of 3 wees and 1 poo!

Bath time chaos!

Whilst John bathes Harry I get the towel and baby oil ready. As soon as they hit the warm water they are instantly quiet and enjoy a lovely little splash around – I can’t wait to take them swimming. It becomes clear to me that they are getting far too long for their baby bath, just as well really as it has started to leak!

We manage to get all 3 of them done in about an hour. It’s like a conveyor belt of washing, drying and changing but I love washing their lovely little bums and rubbing baby oil into their gorgeous skin.

Once we have bathed them we then feed them at 10.30am, but the bath has not surprisingly knackered them out (why didn’t I do this in the evening?) My friends are coming over at 1.30pm so I grab a quick shower and make myself look (reasonably) presentable.

By the time I’m ready it’s 1pm, but it’s such a nice day we can’t resist taking the boys for a little stroll before the girls get here. They love a little walk and it sends them into a very deep and (more importantly) peaceful sleep.

The girls arrive brandishing cup cakes and pastries (I love them). Laura is 6 months pregnant and looks fabulous. I find it incredible how small she is compared with how big I was.

The boys are model babies – thank goodness, I don’t want to put Laura off before she’s even started! After several attempts, I manage to catch their little smiles on camera for the first time…

Lucas – the start of a big smile


The girls help with the 2.30pm feed and John has a chance to catch up on some of his freelance design work. It provides us with that little extra cash, which we have started saving so that we can buy a car when we have to hand back the Cmax in April. John never moans about having to do work and just gets on with it even when he’s exhausted and wants nothing more than to sleep.

Laura and Kirsty

The girls leave at about 4pm and get cracking with some housework whilst the boys are asleep.

My Dad and his fiancé Lisa arrive at 5.30pm to babysit so that John and I can have ‘date night’. We head off to the cinema to see ‘Woman In Black’ – I had seen the stage show a couple of times so I was really looking forward to seeing the film. I did wonder whether it was worth forking out £8 per ticket to potentially fall asleep for 2 hours…the cinema is not the best place for sleep deprived individuals!

Harry and Daddy

Grandad has Oscar in a nice strangling pose…

Lisa and Harry

We managed to stay awake and I spent most of the night jumping out of my skin and clinging on to John – I reckon it would be a great film for a first date!

We made it back for the next feed at 10.30pm. When we got back my Dad said that he panicked when 2 started crying at once and he he got quite stressed, bless!

We are both exhausted after our busy day and collapse into bed at 11:45pm.

Weekly totals:

Loads of washing: 8
Number of nappies: 140
Number of bottles: 126
Number of milk tubs: 3.5
Number of times we’ve heard “you’ve got your hands full”: 3


A week in the life of a triplet mummy – Day 6 – Saturday

A week in the life of a triplet mummy – Day 6 – Saturday

I get a night off feeding at 2:30am, yet I still find myself getting up in the middle of the night to turn the heating down and I struggle to get back to sleep (typical!). Still, it’s nice to be all cosy in bed and even though I offer to help John with the feed, I only do it out of politeness because I know he will say no 🙂

Lucas with Grandma
We are up at 6:30am together so that we can get the boys fed and changed for their day at Grandma and Grandad’s. John’s parents absolutely love having them and they are always asking when they can have them next so it’s the perfect opportunity for them to get their triplet dose and us to have some time off. John helps me get them ready and then heads back to bed for a bit longer, I am out of the door by 9am with all 3 babies and I drop them off at their grandparents for 9:20am. After rushing through some brief instructions (they know what they’re doing now) I am ushered out of the door and barely get a chance to shout “bye!” at the boys…they are all fast asleep anyway.

I head over to a nearly new sale over the other side of the county (it had better be good). I walk past the serious bargain hunters walking out with sacks full of stuff (I thought I was committed to the cause arriving within 15 minutes of starting time!) I manage to buy a new play mat in perfect condition (£8), a changing mat for John’s parents (£1), various noisy toys which I am certain to regret buying in the future (50p-£2 each) and some cute clothes for when they are a bit bigger (£1 – £3 each). I walk away with a sack full of goodies of my own and load it all into the car. 

I have a little chat with my best friend on the hands free on my way home (it’s the only time I have to have a decent conversation) and we organise going to hers on Thursday. I’m feeling rather shattered now and can’t think of anything nicer than curling up in bed…that’s exactly what I do. John is still in bed when I get home and we end up snoozing until about 2pm! The catnap has done me good, but there is plenty to do still so I guzzle down some chicken and veg soup (another grandma creation) and contemplate putting their cots together.

John finally crawls out of bed at 2:30pm (bless him, he looks shattered) and starts to do some of his freelance work. I on the other hand am feeling ready to take on some DIY! It takes me about 2 hours and several expletives later to put all 3 cots together, but I did it…

Look at that concentration!

Ta daaa!

I am dead chuffed and just hope that the boys like their new sleeping arrangements. You will notice the snug fit…I was breathing in myself when squeezing them in! People commented saying “it would be nicer if they were still in the same cot” and “they can’t see each other”. I can’t help but feel slightly annoyed by these comments…they have always been in separate cots since they were born and they end up hitting each other and waking each other up if they sleep together. Plus they spend all day looking at and hitting each other! Anyway, as it happens the boys absolutely love their cots and Harry goes as far as to kick and wave his arms with excitement whilst staring at the pattern on the bumper. 

The boys enjoying their new big boy cots

John and I do the 10:30pm together and settle the boys in their new cots for the night. They seem very content indeed! Looking forward to another full(ish) nights sleep 🙂

Cots bought from Kiddicare using their excellent next day delivery service:

A week in the life of a triplet mummy – Day 5 – Friday

A week in the life of a triplet mummy – Day 5 – Friday

Today has been a relatively quiet day…

My boss and his girlfriend popped over in the morning to say hello at 11am, the boys were totally sparko and looking like butter wouldn’t melt. “Aw they are so quiet” was the comment that came from my visitors…had they turned up an hour earlier they would have heard all 3 babies proceeding to scream their heads off at the same time which resulted in me having to feed all 3 at the same time. Seriously though….when does my 3rd arm grow? I think I have waited long enough!

My boss look terrified at the thought of holding a baby, but I reassured him and he held Harry in that awkward way that people who aren’t sure about children do. Harry on the other hand felt perfectly comfortable and proceeded to fart continuously on his arm for about 20 minutues! I hope that doesn’t affect my pay review…

I had the rest of the afternoon to myself and the boys were still pretty tired it would seem. Mum popped over for the 6:30pm feed, which actually ended up starting at 5:45pm, the little tinkers have thrown their schedule today!

I’m not sure why, but we ended up with lots of Oscar photos today (he was pulling some super cute faces), I must take more of the other 2 over the weekend!

Daddy and Oscar

Mum (Nana) and a very happy Oscar

Nana and Oscar

It nears the 10:30pm feed and I am getting ridiculously excited about my 6 hours in bed whilst John does the 2:30am feed. I know that I will still wake up when they do, but as long as my tootsies don’t have to touch the cold wooden floor I will be happy.

A week in the life of a tripet mummy – Day 4 – Thursday

A week in the life of a triplet mummy – Day 4 – Thursday 
Well after our eventful day yesterday, it should be a little calmer today! The boys awoke at 2.30am on the dot and I managed to get them down again by 4am. Harry and Lucas had terrible griping pains, poor little sausages! 

They are up again at 7am and John and I do the feed together. They are wide awake this morning and ready for a little play so I spread them out across the bed whist blowing raspberries, kissing their chubby little faces and squeaking various bright toys in front of them. I can’t even be bothered to have a shower this morning, so I have what I like to call a ‘farm yard wash’ instead…it will do for mooching round the house all day! 

Mum’s boss and her family come round at 10.30am and help me feed the boys. They are very sweet and ever so prim and proper…I mind my language and find myself putting on my posh telephone voice. Her little boy bounces around the living room exciting the dog and trying to use the baby toys as dog toys (I bite my lip and make a mental record of the toys in question so I can stick them in the wash). 

Our posty arrives at 12 (quite early for him!) and delivers my new podee bottles. They are bottles that don’t have to be held when feeding and perfect for feeding multiples (so they claim). I bought them so that I could feed them out and about by myself and it will hopefully allow us to be a little more mobile. I know some people who like to use them at home, but I like the one on one time you get when bottle feeding them in your arms so I won’t be using them when I am in my house or someone else’s.

Podee bottle – I must get pictures of the boys using it.
The boys are still totally zonked after their injections yesterday so I am able to get their mountains of bottles washed before the next feed and I quickly scoff down some chicken and veg soup (lovingly made and frozen by John’s mum) before they wake up. I think people making us food is one of the best things that’s been done for us, we have a whole freezer full of dinners…I don’t think we’ve ever eaten so well!
The bottles are breeding…

If there’s one job I hate more than any other, it’s washing up!

I order their compact cots from Kiddicare in the hope that they will all fit next to each other. I didn’t even measure the space because if they didn’t fit, I didn’t have a plan B…I decided that I would make them fit! My Dad’s partner comes over to help out at the 2.30pm feed. She comes baring gifts of washing powder, 3 tubs of baby milk and a nice fish cake dinner for us – nom! She kindly hangs about until 6pm so that I can get some sleep for an hour before the next session kicks off at 6.30pm. 

John’s mum and dad are desperate to come round and see the babies again so they come over for the 6.30pm feed whilst I pop out to the shops to grab some much needed essentials (chocolate). They told me off saying that they could have picked the stuff up, but to be honest sometimes it is just nice to get out without the boys for half an hour (even if it is just to go to the shops!). We have a ritual whereby at 6pm every night we put ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” on the telly and sing the theme tune whilst the boys stare at us in dismay – gotta love the cheesy lines and the horrific 90’s fashion.

I have a little read of my Gina Ford book (which also arrived today) after their feed…god this woman is strict isn’t she? I like the concept of her book and I will definitely be implementing some of the bedtime routine stuff, but I’m not going to be military about the rest of it otherwise I think it will be very easy to feel like I’ve failed. I think I will get cracking on the bedtime routine on Saturday once their new cots have arrived and they are over their injections.

John does the 10:30pm by himself and I snuggle up in bed at 10pm with my GF book…I manage about 2 pages before falling fast asleep.

Nappies: 20 (one of which didn’t even get done up before Harry peed all over it).
Nap time for me: 1 hour
Number of nightmares about GF routine: pending

A week in the life of a triplet mummy – Day 3 – Wednesday

A week in the life of a triplet mummy – Day 3 – Wednesday

Injections day 😦

The boys wake me up bang on cue at 2:30am…thankfully I don’t have to feed all 3 at once and I am back in bed for 3:40am (a new record!). Today is jabs day, I feel sorry for my little tinkers who have already been through so much with all of the tests that they had done in NICU/SCBU, but I’m promised that they will quickly forget these experiences. We intend to get there half an hour early so that we can get them weighed, but by the time we’ve done 2 last minute nappy changes and loaded them up into the car we actually end up arriving on time…allowing myself an extra half hour/hour on top of the arrival time is maybe the new method that I need to adopt as I was constantly late even before I had 3 babies to cart around.

I realise as we are loading them that I have a bruised arm and hip from where I was balancing Lucas in his car seat yesterday, I don’t think I will be doing carrying them in those for much longer.

We arrive at the doctors and the show begins! Everyone is lovely and comes and stares adoringly at my peaceful little boys and we get the usual comments like “I thought I had my hands full with one”, “are they triplets?”, “how do you cope?”, “Can I take one home?” (why just one? Ah yes, because more than one baby at a time is just ridiculous) and “Wow, triplets! Aren’t you lucky?” I really like the latter comment, it makes me feel dead proud. I think people expect me to look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards (don’t get me wrong, I do sometimes…in fact, I’m not even sure that I’ve brushed my hair today and I have a bloody good concealer for my massive bags) and they expect the boys to be screaming their heads off so when they see that I am just like any other mum and we are all calm and content they are somewhat surprised.

Anyway, we are seen at 10:15am (20 mins late) and I think that the nurse might cry she is so excited about seeing them. I make John hold the boys whilst they have the jabs as I can’t handle seeing the needles and feeling their little bodies jerk as they are injected. Instead I am on undressing/dressing duty and cuddle duty (of course). The boys are all so good, they have a little squawk for about 30 seconds and after a little cuddle from John and me they are back to sleep again and ready to go home for some brunch. The nurse says that we will have to sit and wait for 10 minutes before we go, but then she realises that it will probably take us at least half an hour to get past the little old ladies who are queued up in the waiting room and lets us leave.

I feed all 3 babies as John gets back to work and I pack up their bag ready for a little trip to see my mummy friends who I met through the antenatal classes at my surgery. They are a fantastic group of women who are open, honest and a great laugh. They are my mid-week sanity check (none of us pass) where we can ask each other for advice as all of our babies are born within weeks of each other and there is even a twin mum too. 

We turn up at my friend’s house and I unload the babies onto the various blankets sprawled across the floor. They are rather grumpy about the whole injection thing so I prop Harry and Lucas and one of the other mums kindly takes Oscar. Once fed they are happy again and pretty much just sleep for the rest of the afternoon. This allowed me to have a cheeky glass of wine and a little play with the other babies. After another lovely afternoon at 5pm I pack the boys up and head home. Thank goodness they sleep for an hour when we get back because I am shattered…I don’t think the wine was the best idea, but totally worth it as I manage to squeeze in a 45 minute power nap.

Harry: it’s a hard life being a baby!
The boys are still totally shattered, but not even tiredness will stop these eating machines and they still manage to guzzle all of their dinner. John does the 10:30pm feed and I head to bed at 9:30pm so that I can stock up on the sleep before I embark on the 2:30am feed.

Number of nappies: 20
Number of times boys peed on themselves: 3
Injections administered: 6
Glasses of wine drank: 1 (could have drank more…)

A week in the life of a triplet mummy – Day 2 – Tuesday

A week in the life of a triplet mummy – Day 2 – Tuesday

Today starts at 1:45am – it turns out the babies decided that they wanted to eat at 9:30pm last night instead of their usual 10:30pm so I am up a little earlier than usual. Babies are all fed and propped together, but keep spitting out their bottles so I give up and feed Lucas and Oscar whilst Harry waits patiently. Harry actually falls asleep again, I’m not totally sure he is really that hungry and I think he would probably sleep for at least 6 hours if I let him, but I don’t want to risk having to get up again in an hour’s time so he is woken up with his brothers.

At 5:30am I am awoken by a grumpy Harry, I think that he is now rather peckish after his puney 90ml helping this morning (he would usually guzzle 150ml quite happily). John sounds exhausted so I do this feed by myself and wake him up at 7am so that I can get up and get showered.

I spend half an hour in bed with a very lively Oscar before he gets bored with me and falls fast asleep with his mouth lolling open. I have been looking at the chipped nail polish on my toes now for several weeks and have decided that enough is enough, whilst the little monkeys are asleep I am going to strip back the chipped polish and repaint them. Incredibly, I don’t hear a peep and I am able to complete my task uninterrupted.


Sophie arrives at 9:30am and the babies are all stirring and wanting to have a little play. She entertains them whilst I get the bottles ready for their 10:30am feed and think about getting the chili out of the freezer for our dinner. After this the boys all fall fast asleep and so I take the opportunity to complete some much needed housework. I hoover upstairs and down, clean all of the bottles, fold up yesterdays mountains of washing, empty the bins, sort out Lucas’ bag for our trip to the hospital later and dig out all of the tiny baby clothes for the SCBU.

Once I have done all of this I remember that it is of course Valentines day…a load of commercial money making rubbish in my opinion (I’m so romantic), but I am determined to make John a card and with my spare 15 mins before they wake up for their next feed I make him a (very) homemade little heart card…

My mum turns up to help with the next feed as Lucas has a hip scan at the hospital at 4pm and the thought of dragging all 3 of them around the hospital on my own is terrifying! So Lucas and I arrive at the hospital (on time I might add…quite a novelty these days) and after being approached by several cooing little old ladies (thank god I only had one of them with me) we are called in for his scan. The scan is routine for babies that are born in the breach position and just checks to ensure that the ball and socket joints are in the correct place. I am prepared, dummy in hand, for the screams that are sure to come pouring out of my little boys mouth….but nothing. He lies there patiently and quietly whilst the sonographer scans his little hips (both of which were absolutely fine) and I feel dead proud of him.

As we were finished a lot sooner than I thought, we take a stroll up to the SCBU where the boys lived for the first 3 weeks of their lives. I feel like I’ve done a marathon by the time we get there, I didn’t realise how heavy carrying a baby in a car seat would be!

All of the nurses recognise us instantly and they are thrilled to see how well they are getting on. I stopped and spoke with some of the other parents there who’s little babies had been born 10 weeks early. They all said that it was lovely to see Lucas and to see that premature babies do eventually leave the unit and they thrive once they are at home where they belong. I really felt for them as they had no idea that they would end up having a baby born at 30 weeks so they had no chance to prepare for the situation. John and I were very grateful to the staff at both of the hospitals who allowed us to have a look around the NICU and SUBU’s before the boys were bon so that we had a good idea of what to expect. 

I arrive home to a lovely bunch of roses and a very soppy card from John 🙂 we wonder if we will get half an hour to enjoy our pizza (I forgot to get the chili out) and wine. We managed about 20 minutes before all of the babies started to stir again…this seems to be their awake time. I really hope that they get out of that habit soon otherwise John and I will never have a peaceful dinner ever again!

We crawl into bed at about 11:30pm and I manage to squeeze in a few hours before the babies wake for their 2:30am.

Nappy changes: at least 18…I lost count.
Hoovering: done
Washing: sorted
Sanity: intact (just)

A week in the life of a triplet mummy – Day 1 – Monday


My day starts at 3am. I crawl out of bed to attend to a screaming Lucas…I then wake up the other 2 and prop and feed all 3 of them. 

3 way propping…for when they all cry at once!

I think I am on a roll until it takes me half an hour to wind Oscar and all 3 end up needing gripe water. I don’t to use the stuff unless I absolutely have to, but at 4.15am I realised I was fighting a losing battle with the wind and my ability to stay awake – it was the only solution!

John and me feed the babies together at 6:45am and all 3 decide that they want to stay awake and have a little play. I sprawl all 3 on the bed with various toys dotted around them and they seem quite content, it doesn’t take long for them to fall asleep.

At 9:30am Sophie arrives and we have a spare half an hour to get bits and bobs ready for their next feed at 10:30. My Mum also arrives to lend a helping hand and to give the boys big kisses and cuddles. 

I am determined to get out of the house, but the thought of loading them into their car seats and then into their buggy etc is too much to bare so we take them for an off road style, 2 mile country walk in the monster buggy instead and it pees it down half way round! Grrr…the weather people always lie.

Sophie and I are ready for a granny nap after practically running home through the rain, but the babies are well rested and are ready for their feed so we resist the urge to collapse in front of the telly, watch ‘Friends’ and eat chocolate. Instead, we collapse in front of the telly, watch ‘Friends’ and grab a baby (or 2) and get on with the feed…the chocolate will no doubt be eaten later.

Sophie leaves me to it at 3:30pm and usually all of the boys would be asleep by now, but not today so in an effort to encourage the musical genius’ that lie within them I start to have a little dance and a sing with each of them. Whilst I pick one up, I leave the others on the floor with the Ipad in front of them to watch the Disney clip as I belt out the lyrics. They are the only people in the world who don’t seem to mind my god awful singing. If this little exercise doesn’t encourage their musical abilities, it will at least teach them tolerance.

John gets home and we sit and feed all 3 babies together whilst catching up on each others days. I am absolutely shattered and John is a total angel offering to do the 10:30pm feed on his own. After preparing the bottles for the night I happily oblige and toddle off to bed to get some much needed zzz’s before the 2.30am feed.

Number of nappies: 20
Loads of washing: 4
Number of times I find myself staring into space with tiredness: countless