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Living Arrows: 3/52 – making time for yourself.

You can’t beat a night out with friends and cocktails! The lovely lady in the picture with me has 2 year old twins and is also a twin herself.

Go on, make time for yourself….have a hot bubble bath, paint your nails do something just for you. GUILT FREE!

You deserve it.

Living Arrows

Toddler Wrestling! Is it a boy thing?

Having grown up with a sister, we didn’t “do” wrestling (we just squabbled) so this whole physical “rough house” behaviour is rather alien to me! They stand in front of each other and asked to be shoved, pulled, tripped over and stood on and it’s all good fun until it gets a bit slappy or a wall/door/chair/tv stand gets involved.


We have already visited A&E once with a split head due to a wrestling move gone wrong, but this does not deter them. At 8am this morning they were charging up and down the living room, bumping into each other (and walls) and they think it’s hilarious! The more they fall over the funnier it is. WHHHHY?????!

I am rather disadvantaged as a girl growing up with a girl and going to an all girl’s school. I understand that they have to do it (nature and all that), but I just don’t get it!

Generally my solution to this is to boot them in the garden to burn it off, plus there’s fewer things to bump into out there. I found myself begging nursery to wear them out when I dropped them off this morning…here’s hoping for a less stressful afternoon!

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A photo a week: 2/52


H, O & L

H taking grandad’s temperature while he attempts to read Thomas books to L & O.



It’s been a lovely family weekend filled with games, football at the park and roast dinners!

Living Arrows

A photo a week: 1/52

A friend of mine is taking part in the Living Arrows and has inspired me to join in too. So once a week I will share a photo of the boys on my blog. You can join in and link up by visiting here.

Photo 1/52
H has 4 little kings all wearing their hula hoop crowns!

Living Arrows

Our first day at nursery!

I have been looking forward to this day for a long time! The boys are soooo ready for nursery and I am even more ready for a little rest!

They qualified for their free 15 hours a week this week and I have taken advantage of them. I love having them at home, but I’m really looking forward to being able to let nursery occupy them for the morning while I organise afternoon activities.

I didn’t think the first morning would go particularly smoothly, they have been saying all week “I don’t like nursery” – but unless it’s Thomas The Tank Engine or covered in chocolate this is their default opinion on everything at the moment.

Instead of the blissful smiling photos I see all of my friends posting of their little treasures with their backpacks ready to go, these were the best I could get:

IMG_0716 IMG_0717

They flat refused to wear their new backpacks and began screaming their socks off at home. Oscar however was convinced it was raining at nursery and insisted on taking the umbrella (I didn’t argue).

Upon arrival they announced themselves in a chorus of screams while hanging from my legs. It was quite awful, I had to prise them from my legs and lever them into their room, it was like trying to get a cat into a cat box (x 3!) I left them in the care of their key workers while I snuck away (as advised by good friends) feeling rather guilty. Continue reading Our first day at nursery!

The nappies are off!

We’ve been muddling our way through this potty training malarkey for a while now and apart from when they would accidentally get wee all over friends carpets with their poor aim (sorry friends!) it’s been fairly painless.

They do tend to threaten me with “I need a Poo NOW!” Just as we’re rushing out of the door for an appointment or just as we’re in the middle of a shopping centre, but I’m getting better at locating the nearest toilet where they will inevitably scream the place down (they don’t like public toilets…I don’t blame them).

Just this week they have decided to stop nappies at bedtime too, we did O first, then H and finally L all within a week of each other. I have a few spare sheets, but not enough for more than one round of accidents between them so unless they wanted to sleep on hay I just had to hope they’d use their potties…

Before going to bed ourselves we lifted each one and put them on the potty then kept our fingers crossed for the rest of the night.

“SUNSHINE UP MUMMY & DADDY!” – referring to their GroClock (quite possibly the most useful thing we own!)

We walk in tentatively to assess the damage, but….SUCCESS!! No wet pyjama bottoms!

I thought night times would be tricky, but they were adamant that they were ready (swinging nappies above heads and stripping off at every opportunity) so you can’t argue with that! Even though they were still waking with wet nappies we knew they were ready to sleep without one as they kept insisting on going to the toilet before bed.

I would like to think that the savings on nappies will be significant, however I fear that maybe my cleaning product bill will compensate for any saving we might have had.

We’ve survived and achieved a big milestone 🙂 I’m quite proud of us all! Now, just to conquer the public toilet fear…

Do you have any potty training tips to share?

Skegness: our seaside getaway

Before I had small people my idea of a holiday involved tropical climates, culture, alcohol and sunbathing….oh how things change.

These days a ‘holiday’ is more of an inconvenient relocation. I don’t have any of my home comforts (like a washing machine) and we have to get the excitable toddlers to sleep in an unfamiliar environment!

Despite this, we actually had a lovely break near Skegness in my Dad’s caravan and I thought I would share some of our favourite places.



We paddled, jumped over waves, collected shells, built sand castles and prodded dead crabs (lovely). Some of our favourite beaches are:

*Anderby Creek
*Chapel Point

The arcades


As a child I used to love visiting the arcades and was particularly fond of the 2p machines. The great thing about toddlers is that they don’t care whether you put money into the machines they will just happily hop from car to helicopter without a penny being spent. However, at I think there may be more arcades than people in Skegness so it won’t be hard to find one.


A seal sanctuary in Skegness dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating seals in need. They also have butterflies, reptiles and fish there too. It’s a great place to spend a few hours and you can also watch the seals being fed. Under 3’s are free, adults cost £8 and 3-15 year olds cost £5.50. They do have vouchers online at the moment offering a free child entry with one full paying adult, which makes going as a family a little more financially viable.

Hardy’s animal farm

This is a very friendly family run farm in Ingoldmells. They have all the usual farm animals, a brilliant indoor and outdoor play area and a very reasonably priced cafe offering yummy treats and meals. Under 3’s are free, adults and children cost £6.25, family ticket (2+2) £23.

Woodthorpe garden centre



We visited here on recommendation and we weren’t disappointed. The garden centre itself is absolutely huge and has a spectacular play area for the children. They also have a little dinosaur cave and a hedge maze. We enjoyed lunch in their cafe and stayed playing for a good 3 hours.

The five sailed windmill


This was an unexpected little gem that we stumbled across on our way home from Woodthorpe garden centre. It is a stunning working windmill with a delightful little tea room. We stopped to look at the mill over hot chocolates, cakes and ice creams. If you want to go inside the mill the price for an adult is £3 and a child is £2 – we felt the boys were a little young this time around.

We are still looking for a really good place to have fish and chips so if you can recommend anywhere please do comment below.

Rainy day activity: 5 minute no cook play dough from The Imagination Tree

It has not stopped raining here today so I decided to make some homemade play dough for the boys. It literally costs pennies, takes 5 minutes to make and lasts for 6 months. This recipe comes from one of my favourite activity websites ‘The Imagination Tree‘.

I have kept it plain today, but love to add all sorts of things to my play doughs including glitter or sequins. I also offer the boys some dried pasta, chickpeas, farm animals, cars etc to stick in the dough. It’s amazing what their big imaginations create from it.

June Kiddicare blog – Potty training triplets!

In the past 4 months we’ve moved house twice, I’ve changed jobs, we’ve had our first ambulance trip and now we’re potty training our three little treasures!”
“But I’m not ready!” Was my first response when Harry insisted on using his potty and wearing big boy pants. Oh god, how on earth do you potty train three 2.5 year olds? 

You can read the full post here:

Rant alert! Am I the only one?

It’s 4:30pm. It’s witching hour. I desperately search for the remote to stick on some Cebeebies so I can cook dinner. After questioning all of the children I discover it’s in the pasta cupboard…obviously. My fumbling desperate fingers smash in 614. Silence.
So I’m there cooking and I hear “goodnight twins” shortly followed by “time to get up twins” and several other “twins” phrases thrown in for good measure. Am I the only one that recoils at these phrases? Am I the only one that thinks “you lazy sod, is it too much for you to say their individual names?” 
The children in the programme are not twins, I know this because if they were they would insist upon their names being used (plus I checked the credits).
Perhaps it is just me, perhaps as a mum of triplets I feel these linguistically lazy swines are undoing my good work in encouraging individuality and identity amongst my children. 
I know a twin mum who was sent a birthday invite labelled “the twins”. Would it be so difficult to write their names or better still give them an invite each? Does your hand get tired writing all of those names? Argh!
Don’t get me wrong we are very aware that we have triplets and it’s a wonderful and special thing that we are very proud of, but it does not define them.
Cebeebies, have a word with your lazy writer!

Anyway I’ll hop off my soap box now, time to squeeze in a coffee before Lucas, Harry and Oscar wake up 😉