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June Kiddicare blog – Potty training triplets!

In the past 4 months we’ve moved house twice, I’ve changed jobs, we’ve had our first ambulance trip and now we’re potty training our three little treasures!”
“But I’m not ready!” Was my first response when Harry insisted on using his potty and wearing big boy pants. Oh god, how on earth do you potty train three 2.5 year olds? 

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Latest Kiddicare blog post: A new job

So it’s nearly Christmas and I cannot believe that I am the proud owner of three nearly two year olds. My little babies are a distant memory and they are now boisterous little boys, full of fun, defiance and excitement.

in the bath
People often ask me if it’s getting easier now that they are getting older and although certain aspects are getting easier such as feeding and even logistics, they are definitely more demanding now! Sometimes I feel like I live with three little dictators – if they want something, they want it 10 minutes ago! It’s hard to keep up with their never ending demands and whines and quite frankly after a whole week of it, it’s enough to drive you to lock yourself in a cupboard with a bottle of wine and a straw! The downside about this time of year can be the weather because if they’re driving you potty you can’t just bung them in the garden without first fighting to get them into warm clothes, which they inevitably will try to strip off before you manage to get out of the door.

Despite this, we have managed to take full advantage of the relatively mild autumn and have enjoyed the peacefulness of the empty parks as well as braving letting all three out of the buggy while on my own. It sounds simple to let your children out of their buggy so they can happily toddle along with you, but alas when you have two or three the same age they do not have the same ideas about direction. They do however all agree that the main aim is to escape. Once one has a paddy that’s it, the other two will make a break because you have taken your eye off the ball. They are opportunists and will lead you into a false sense of security, before crushing your newly found parental confidence as they make a bid for freedom. Some friends use reins, but I have struggled with them, I end up like a maypole while they tangle around my legs. Instead I have used the buggy as a way of keeping them near and if they stray too far then they’re back in (which they obviously don’t like).

I am keen to encourage their independence and help them to help themselves (so that I am not doing everything)! Our first step has been to move them from cots to beds after they started cot hopping onto each other’s heads. It went remarkably smoothly and we learnt quickly to give them SOFT toys in their room to curb the bashing injuries that are inevitable when you have three competitive boys to contend with.

I think the next six months or so will continue to be challenging whilst they all desperately seek 100% of my attention 24/7, but I know that they will soon start to play independently and they won’t want me interfering quite so much. It is always helpful to remember that when you are faced with sometimes undesirable and exhausting behaviour that it is only a phase and it shall pass.

I recently started a little part time job, which I do 2 evenings a week, it’s lovely to be able to have some adult time for myself and to have the extra money of course. It works perfectly as it’s only a mile away from home and John is home to look after the boys so there is no childcare to pay for. Although it’s relatively easy work, it’s still tiring and I often squeeze in a couple of extra cuppas during the day on the Friday to get me through, but it’s definitely worth it for that payslip with my name on it!

The next few weeks are going to be manic, full of birthday parties, weddings, Christmas parties and overtime at work so I had best invest in some super strength coffee! I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and new year!

Kiddicare post: One on one time with triplets

My lastest Kiddicare blog is about spending more quality one on one time with each baby and getting used to the sometimes disgusting side of parenting!

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Kiddicare post: A day out with multiples

My last post was about 5 months ago and so much has happened since then. John and I got married, I have set up a small craft business and the boys are now running around and causing more mayhem than ever.
Getting them ready to go out has stepped up to a whole new level and when considering leaving the house I know that I will typically encounter the following:
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Kiddicare blog: 18 months – toddlers, tantrums and tiaras

We recently hit the 18 month milestone and my god don’t we know it. I’m not sure who has replaced my quiet, always cheerful, easy going babies (that recollection may be slightly inaccurate), but I now seem to own 3 very noisy, very funny, fiercely independent, disobedient toddlers!

Eating ice cream with triplets

People ask me if it’s easier now…I look at my dear darlings – Oscar is pouring his sippy cup over Lucas’ head while Lucas rubs biscuit into his hair to make a paste and Harry is sticking his finger so far up his nose that it will probably start to bleed. “No” is my reply. “It’s not easier, it’s just different”…

It’s been a manic time! 12 – 13 Month update.

I’m baaaaack! It’s been a busy ol’ time here in the Temple house so I apologies for the silence.

I’m not even sure where to begin really, John and I got married at the end of November, we had the boy’s first birthday just before Christmas and I have set up my own little textile design business…that’s a VERY brief summary!

Lucas, Harry and Oscar in front of the Christmas tree in their little matching Xmas jumpers
John and I on our wedding day with Harry, Lucas and Oscar 
John and I freeeezing on our wedding day
The boy’s birthday party, I had 12 1 year olds in my living/dining room, but it was a lovely chaos!
Gosh I feel tired just writing that. I have decided to go back to keeping a little monthly diary for the boys because I am already starting to forget at what age they reached certain milestones so here goes.

Oscar took his first steps at the beginning of December, followed instantly by Harry and Lucas who decided to wait until the beginning of January before waddling.

Needless to say once walking ensues the inevitable shoe buying must begin. John and I thought it would be a wonderful idea to take them to Clarks today to get their first pair of shoes (2 months after they started walking). We thought it would be a lovely experience for one and all and at the end of it they would each come out with a little box of shoes just for them and a happy smily photo taken by a member of staff to mark the occasion….we were so wrong. I kid you not, the way the three of them screamed you would think the foot measuring tool had nails sticking out of it. No amount of raisisns or bread sticks would convince them that we were not trying to torture them. Eventually we managed to calm everyone down and we managed to stick 3 grumpy boys in 3 new pairs of shoes. I had no idea what I was buying, but they fitted and they could walk in them and that was all that I cared about. Lucas and Harry both ended up with matching cruiser pirate shoes and Oscar got the hard sole blue pirate shoes. Ideally I would have liked them to have different styles, but I was not in the mood to quibble! £80 later (!!!!) we left the shop slightly more frazzled than when we entered and I can only imagine what the other people in the shop must have been saying as we left, John and I had to laugh though. It probably wasn’t the best idea to take them when they were a bit snotty and grotty, but I am desperate to let them loose in the garden.

Having 3 toddling children is interesting, they have no concept of danger and no understanding of instruction. I tend to only go to enclosed safe play areas and to other friends houses who have children of the same age as the prospect of going anywhere else is terrifying. They do not follow each other like little sheep, they are more like repelling magnets each going to a different corner of the room, all trying to escape. Whilst I like to think I am fairly laid back and am keen to let them explore more I am also aware that our first A&E visit is not likely to be too far in the future.

As mentioned above I have decided to set up my own little textile design venture, I have always enjoyed sewing and making things for the boys so after some persuasion from a friend I finally set up Lily Pinks. I decided on the name as I regularly sing a song called ‘Lily The Pink’ to the boys and it has saved me from many triplet meltdowns over the months so I feel like I owe it! Not many people seem to have heard of it, but lyrics can be found here:

Most people ask me how on earth I find the time, but I make time for myself and this is what I enjoy. It’s nice to be able to earn a few extra pennies since I gave up my job and I’d love to make something more of it in the future.

Some of my makes include:

I have set up a facebook page and also an Etsy shop which can be found using the following links:

 A little list of things they are enjoying at the moment:

  • They are now starting to play with each other and other children and will chase and play peepo through the mesh in their playpen, this is an endless source of entertainment for them and they laugh hysterically (especially Harry and Oscar).
  • Their grandparents bought them a little bird feeder for Christmas and we have a pair of fearless robins that visit regularly whilst we are having breakfast and lunch. They seem to understand the word ‘bird’ now too and will race over to the bird feeder if I tell them I can hear a bird tapping. 
  • I made them a post box using an old nappy box and some red felt as they love to post tupperware lids through it. Any kind of box or lid is a hit really so instead of buying new toys I have instead taken to sticking boxing in the middle of the room for them to climb in and be dragged around the living room.
  • I took them on a course at our local Sure Start centre just before Xmas and it allowed the mum’s to sit and make a story sack whilst the children were in the FREE creche. If a free creche is available, I am usually there with bells on! Anyway, the idea of a story sack is that you have a book (in our case it was ‘Dear Zoo’) and you then you have lots of different artefacts that relate to that book in a sack. For example, we had ‘snap’ cards with different animals featured in the book, information cards about each animal and also a mask. The concept being that you can expand on the book and continue to talk about it even after you stop reading it. I bought them some puppets for christmas including a monkey, crocadile, pig, lobster etc etc. and I use them when reading the books. They absolutely love their puppets and Lucas has taken quite a shine to the monkey in particular. They all love to be chased by the crocodile puppet.
  • I am not a fan of having the television on and so it is limited in our house, however they are allowed to watch ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’ and ‘Noddy’ in the morning, followed by ‘In The Night Garden’ in the evening. They are huge fans of ‘In The Night Garden’ and Oscar will actually stand in the middle of the room and shout with excitement at the television, especially when ‘Makka Pakka’ comes on.
  • The ball pit has been one of my best buys! Harry especially will take a run up, dive in and the proceed to swim amongst the balls.
  • They can now put the correct shapes into their puzzle and they seem obsessed with the cylinders in particular, I think it’s probably because they are the easiest to place.
Ok, I think that will do for now as I need to rescue John and get dinner started! I’ll leave you with a little video posted by John on our triplets page – please excuse the dressing gown, I didn’t know he was recording!

September Kiddicare blog post!

September Kiddicare Post

I am now a stay at home mummy or a ‘SAHM’ as mummy’s call them on the net. I had to resign from my job as a legal coordinator a couple of weeks ago as we couldn’t afford to place the boys into nursery whilst I went back to work. It feels rather odd, I have always had a job since I was 16 and although I am very happy to stay at home and look after the boys I can’t help but feel like a chunk of my identity has vanished overnight….

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My little movers!

July Kiddicare Post! "The Triplet Mummy".

I love our new house! I am still tripping over babies, but I am not tripping over quite so much clutter. I do not have to lug three heavy car seats in and out of the car every day and we regularly walk to our local sure start centre, library and market where I am getting to know the locals.

Now, in my mind I am just a normal mum of three, but to people who do not know me I am “The Triplet Mummy”. 

Over the past few weeks I have been stopped more times than ever and have had the same conversation up to 10 times in one day. Some of the most popular comments/questions I receive are:

* “You’ve got your hands full” – if I had a pound…
* “They’re gorgeous, you’re so lucky” – Thank you, I know I am.
* “Wow, how do you cope?” – very well thank you!
* “Were they natural?” – A little bit personal, but I’m surprised if I’m not asked this during a conversation.
* “Do triplets run in your family?” Thankfully they aren’t running yet.
* “Oh, all boys? What a shame” – actually, I’m just happy I have 3 healthy babies.
* “Are they good?” – not really sure what people mean by this.
* “I have three very close together, it’s almost like having triplets” (they say laughing) – it really isn’t.
* “You look great, you don’t look stressed at all” – I like this comment (especially when I do feel stressed).

I really like talking to people and I enjoy getting to know the locals, but sometimes if the babies have been grizzling and I’ve put them in the buggy for a nice quiet walk I really don’t always feel like holding a conversation. Some people automatically assume that having multiples is a nightmare and I just can’t bare the thought of somebody pitying me because I have triplets. I therefore tend to only tell strangers about the positives of having triplets and save any bad bits for my friends and family.

I have never liked being the centre of attention, but since having the boys I have had no choice but to get used to it and often it actually works in my favour. I have found people to be much more kind and considerate than I could have imagined helping me with the buggy and giving me a multiples discount if ask for it.

Asking play groups for a discount is just one of the ways that I am going to have to start trying to save money as it looks more and more likely that I will not be returning to work. It is quite a scary prospect as I have worked since I was sixteen and have always paid my way, but on the other hand I am very much looking forward to spending time with the boys before they go to school. I won’t be having any more children (I could end up with half a football team!) so I am going to make the most of it and enjoy them! Thankfully, I have a good mummy friend who lives just around the corner who will not be returning to work either so It reassures me that I will have another person to share the experience with. My only fear is that I will not have the escape that working mothers get and I hope that I can handle the intensity of being a full time, stay at home mummy to triplets for the next 5 years (just writing that scares me slightly).

Our parents continue to be fantastic and they have looked after the boys whilst John and I go out and have a meal together or get stuff sorted around the house. We are finding that the amount of housework just seems to be tripling! There is always washing to be done, bathrooms to be cleaned, high chairs to be wiped, bins to be emptied, food to be cooked etc etc. It really is relentless sometimes. I really need a cleaner, a cook, a gardener…actually I think I need a wife!

I was successful in my mission to take all of the boys swimming, finally! We took them to a friends swimming pool where we were able to take plenty of photos and enjoy ourselves in the warm sunshine. They all enjoyed it for about 10 minutes before screaming quickly ensued.

There was a time when 30 degree heat was something to be celebrated, but with three sweaty, irritable, teething babies it is definitely not quite as appealing as it once was. They do love being outside though so I think it’s time to get the paddling pool out, spray on the sunscreen and make the most of our inevitably short summer!

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My June Kiddicare Post

Hello! Sorry it’s a tad late, but here it is…

Due to triplet needs, house moves, pets, fund raising for our local hospital and just life in general my blog post is a little late this month. I honestly have no idea what I did with my time before I had children!
If I could use three words to sum up our last month they would be messy, fun and hectic…(please click on the link below to read the full post).


Latest Kiddicare blog! Teething, bonding and the environment!

My not-so-little babies are now four months old and teething! My oh my, what a week we’ve had! They’ve had sore gums, sore tummies and sore bottoms. I had no idea that teething could upset everything so much. The poor little things had so much acid build up that it was causing them to scream with overwhelming gut wrenching pain. After a very teary phone call to the health visitor she recommended…

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First tastes of banana: