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Toddler Wrestling! Is it a boy thing?

Having grown up with a sister, we didn’t “do” wrestling (we just squabbled) so this whole physical “rough house” behaviour is rather alien to me! They stand in front of each other and asked to be shoved, pulled, tripped over and stood on and it’s all good fun until it gets a bit slappy or a wall/door/chair/tv stand gets involved.


We have already visited A&E once with a split head due to a wrestling move gone wrong, but this does not deter them. At 8am this morning they were charging up and down the living room, bumping into each other (and walls) and they think it’s hilarious! The more they fall over the funnier it is. WHHHHY?????!

I am rather disadvantaged as a girl growing up with a girl and going to an all girl’s school. I understand that they have to do it (nature and all that), but I just don’t get it!

Generally my solution to this is to boot them in the garden to burn it off, plus there’s fewer things to bump into out there. I found myself begging nursery to wear them out when I dropped them off this morning…here’s hoping for a less stressful afternoon!

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Thomas, whining and nurseries: an update.

It’s been a while since I wrote about what we have been up to so I thought I would post a little update.


Potty training is still going well, they seem to be pretty much dry in the day now. It’s taken much longer than I thought though, especially given that I waited until they were telling me that they didn’t want to wear nappies anymore. We are probably looking at about 5 months just to be completely dry in their awake time (that’s an awful lot of pant and trouser washing!)

Their speech is coming on tremendously and I remember this time last year when we were willing them to speak more….now we cannot keep them quiet unless there’s cake involved!

I hear a constant chorus of “mummy, mummy, mummy” “mummy, I’m hungry/thirsty/tired” “Lucas/Harry/Oscar did it!” Throw in lots of screeching, whining and laugher and I’d say that was a perfect summary of a typical day. On a good day John will find me soaked from head to toe with the boys all in the bath, on a bad day he’ll find me locked in the kitchen while the boys watch Thomas in the living room eating crackers for dinner. Thankfully the bad days are very few and far between but they do exist especially when they went through a seriously whiney/screeching phase. That sound is just unbearable. I tell them that I cannot understand them if they whine so they must “use words” – it seems to be working and Harry told me the either day that “he was not happy at all” (because he couldn’t have marshmallows for tea). It felt like we had reached a massive milestone in communication.

We are going through a Thomas the tank engine phase at the moment, well, I say a phase…It seems to be more of a way of life. Continue reading Thomas, whining and nurseries: an update.